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MB36 Swan Neck

The MIG MB36 Swan Neck is a component specifically designed for MB-36 type MIG torches used in MIG welding. It acts like an extension for the torch body, offering several advantages:

  • Improved Maneuverability: The swan neck's curved design allows for better access to tight spaces or areas with limited accessibility. This is particularly beneficial when welding corners, pipes, or other complex shapes.

  • Reduced Spatter: The additional distance between the torch and the weld pool created by the swan neck can help minimize weld spatter. Spatter refers to molten metal particles that eject during welding and can cause imperfections on the weld or surrounding areas.

  • Enhanced Operator Comfort: The swan neck can improve operator comfort by allowing them to position the torch at a more ergonomic angle, especially when welding in overhead or awkward positions.

Here are some additional details about MIG MB36 Swan Necks:

  • Material: They are typically made from high-strength and heat-resistant materials like copper or alloys to withstand the heat of welding.
  • Length: MIG MB36 Swan Necks may come in different lengths to provide varying degrees of reach and access.
  • Compatibility: Ensure you choose a swan neck specifically designed for MB-36 torches for proper fit and functionality.

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