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Medical Gas Tank & Apparatus
Medical Oxygen Cylinders, Breathing Oxygen Regulator, Portable Set Medical Oxygen
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Entertainment/Helium Balloonium Gas & Aquarium Tank
Helium Balloonium Tank, CO2 & N2 Tank & O2 Tank
Multipurpose Aluminium Tank & Food Grade Gases
Helium Balloonium Tank, CO2 & N2 Tank & O2 Tank

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Full Range of Industrial Gases Solution


Full range of gases range from single type gas to multi-mix gas, which are prepared in low and high pressure form.
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38 years experiences company with proven record

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Min Hardware & Industrial Gases Sdn Bhd (477848-P)

We are established company since 1990, authorized agents for Air Products and Wipco Marketing Sdn. Bhd. for related products including high pressure gas cylinders covering industrial usage, semiconductor, laboratory, agriculture, manufacturing, entertainment, food industry etc.

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