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P-80 Plasma Cutting Nozzle

The P-80 plasma cutting nozzle is a consumable part of a plasma cutting torch. It is used to focus the plasma arc and create a clean, narrow cut. The P-80 nozzle is typically made of copper and has a 1.1mm orifice. It is designed for use with air plasma cutting machines and can cut medium and thin metal sheets.

The P-80 nozzle is a wear item and will need to be replaced periodically. The frequency of replacement will depend on the usage and type of metal being cut. In general, you should replace your P-80 nozzle every 20-30 hours of use.

To replace the P-80 nozzle, you will need to unscrew the old nozzle from the torch. Be careful not to damage the torch body. Once the old nozzle is removed, screw the new nozzle in place. Make sure the nozzle is tight to prevent leaks.

Here are some of the benefits of using a P-80 plasma cutting nozzle:

  • Smooth incision: The P-80 nozzle creates a smooth, narrow cut that is free of slag. This makes it ideal for cutting thin metal sheets.
  • Narrow slit: The narrow slit of the P-80 nozzle helps to prevent the plasma arc from spreading out. This results in a more accurate and precise cut.
  • Small thermal deformation: The P-80 nozzle is made of copper, which has a high thermal conductivity. This helps to prevent the nozzle from melting or warping during use.
  • Easy to clean slag: The smooth surface of the P-80 nozzle makes it easy to clean slag after cutting. This helps to extend the life of the nozzle.

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