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Disolved Acetylene (DA)

Industrial dissolved acetylene is a type of acetylene that has been dissolved in acetone. It is used in a variety of industrial applications, including welding, cutting, and brazing. It is also used in some medical procedures.

Acetylene is a very flammable gas, and it is not safe to store it in a compressed form. By dissolving the acetylene in acetone, it is possible to store the gas in a safe and stable manner.

Industrial dissolved acetylene is typically stored in cylinders. The cylinders are made of steel and are equipped with a valve that allows the gas to be released. The cylinders are also equipped with a safety device that prevents the gas from being released if the cylinder is damaged.

When using industrial dissolved acetylene, it is important to follow all safety precautions. The cylinder should never be exposed to heat or sparks, and it should always be stored in a cool, dry place.

Here are some safety precautions to follow when using industrial dissolved acetylene:

  • Always wear safety glasses and gloves when handling an industrial dissolved acetylene cylinder.
  • Never expose the cylinder to heat or sparks.
  • Store the cylinder in a cool, dry place.
  • Keep the cylinder away from children and pets.
  • Do not use the cylinder if it is damaged.

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