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Portable Liquid Container (PLC) Tank

A PLC, or Portable Liquid Container, is a transportable, vacuum-insulated container designed to store and dispense liquefied gases. These liquefied gases are essentially the same industrial gases you might find in a standard compressed gas cylinder, but cooled to extremely low temperatures so they turn into liquids. This liquid state allows them to be stored in a much smaller container than a compressed gas cylinder would require for the same amount of gas.

PLCs are most commonly used for gases like oxygen, nitrogen, argon, and carbon dioxide. They offer several advantages over traditional compressed gas cylinders, including:

  • Increased capacity: As mentioned, PLCs can store a significantly larger volume of gas than a similarly sized compressed gas cylinder.
  • Reduced refill frequency: Because of the increased capacity, PLCs need to be refilled less often.
  • Easier transportation: PLCs are typically designed to be more portable than large gas cylinders.

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