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TIG Long Back Cap

A TIG torch long back cap is a welding accessory that is used to hold the tungsten electrode in place in the torch. It is a cylindrical piece of metal with a threaded hole in one end that screws into the torch body. The other end of the back cap has a collet that holds the tungsten electrode.

The long back cap is designed to provide more clearance between the tungsten electrode and the torch body. This is beneficial for welding thick materials or materials with high thermal conductivity. The extra clearance helps to prevent the tungsten electrode from melting and sticking to the torch body.

To install a TIG torch long back cap, first unscrew the old back cap from the torch body. Then, screw the new back cap into the torch body by hand until it is snug. Finally, insert the tungsten electrode into the collet and tighten the collet nut.

TIG torch long back caps are a common welding accessory that is used to improve the performance of TIG welding torches. They are a simple and effective way to prevent tungsten electrode melting and sticking, and they can help to improve the quality of welds.

TIG Long Back Cap

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